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Road transport

Vehicle - the perfect means of transporting goods to small and medium distances. Reliability, efficiency and safety at the optimum value for money - advantages that characterize the road transport today. Modern fleet of vehicles , thoroughly thought-out logistics schemes , the most convenient routes for transportation and the most favorable terms of delivery - all ready to offer its customers , our specialists .


Advantages of road transport


Versatility. With most vehicles can carry a wide range of categories of cargo : bulk solid, liquid , and perishable (this is often only a refrigerated , no alternative method.) In addition , delivery of goods can be made to the localities that have no other ways of communicating .


Continuity logistical operation . Car trucking provide cargo delivery without intermediate transshipment . Thus they allow to deliver the goods to multiple customers with maximum savings of time and money .


The possibility of delivery of small batches. Trucking - optimal solution for the transportation of small consignments of goods ( 10 kg ) and the best option in terms of efficiency for the delivery of cargoes .


Maximum control and safety. Modern satellite navigation tools allow you to track vehicles on the whole route . The Customer can at any time convenient for him to learn about the whereabouts of the goods . Professionalism of drivers , effective tools for monitoring and allow a clear personification responsibility to ensure maximum safety of a product all the way goods by road until the client's warehouse .


Our Experts:


develop an optimal route for motor vehicles ;

will make all the necessary calculations the cost of automotive transportation ;

offer an optimum variant of the vehicle;

provide monitoring of cargo and its location at all stages of the supply chain (shipping and unloading, following in the path , etc.) .



In addition, during international transport , we are ready to deliver your goods to the customs terminal , to generate for you the whole package documentation ( export- import declaration , transport documents TIR, EX 1 , CMR , etc. ) to maintain insurance of transported goods , provide other extras .


Using our logistics solutions and services, you become the owner of significant advantages, opportunities through our branch network and the implementation of international standards, which are aimed at optimizing thus simplifying trade between market participants.

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