Контейнерные перевозки
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Container Shipping

Transportation of cargoes in containers is the most economical delivery over long distances, and even more so with the use of different modes of transport . Container transportation can save and still get a guarantee of high quality and precision of the delivery time .

Shipping container has several advantages.

The main one - no overloading of goods when changing vehicle . Your goods will be once loaded and unloaded in a container already in stock poluchatelya.Blagodarya This achieves significant savings opportunities in a flexible and effective combination of different modes of transport.

Containers flow

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Container transport has a high level of security. Modern containers are robust and sufficient tightness.


Using our logistics solutions and services, you become the owner of significant advantages, opportunities through our branch network and the implementation of international standards, which are aimed at optimizing thus simplifying trade between market participants.

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