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Group is an independent carrier , and has well-established logistics network to the European and Asian platforms, which in turn helps to attract third-party partners and provides a safe, convenient , timely delivery of goods .


Finneast Logistics Group for over 8 years specialized in the delivery of furniture accessories , furniture accessories , sets from China and Italy . In addition we offer : customs clearance of goods of different categories, contract logistics , logistics solutions in emergency situations; auxiliary logistics : fairs, exhibitions , sporting events , musical and theatrical events .


Finneast Logistics Group owns a broad portfolio of support for foreign trade.


We are involved in a wide range of activities in the field of contract logistics and international operations , intermodal transport cargoes of various categories and classes .


Our expertise , continuity and flexibility in the market - this is our advantage.


Using our logistics solutions and services, you become the owner of significant advantages, opportunities through our branch network and the implementation of international standards, which are aimed at optimizing thus simplifying trade between market participants.

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