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About the Company

Finn East Group consisting of several related companies and partners from Russia and other countries , started its activities in the Russian logistics market in 2005 .

What we offer

  • comprehensive outsourcing of foreign economic activity ( this assignment Finn East functions associated with the delivery and customs clearance of goods. client declines the need to conduct foreign trade . Her performs for Customer Finn East);
  • logistics outsourcing (sending Finn East powers ' transportation , storage and other operations related to logistics and cargo handling );
  • customs outsourcing (sending Finn East powers for customs clearance );
  • multimodal rail and road transport of containers ;
  • delivery of modular and air cargo ;
  • oversized road and railway transportation ;

info: Most of our customers approached us on the recommendation of their friends and business partners , based on their practical experience with Finn East Group.

Our advantages

Our main advantage is our team of specialists, which allows us to solve problems of varying difficulty.

Customer focus Our work with the Client - is primarily an individual approach . Every Client is assigned an individual manager . We are not limited by standard and transportation schemes . In each case, Finn East specialists offer the best way to deliver the goods, optimizing the financial costs, minimize risks and terms of trucking .

Integrated services
Finn East has the opportunity to find a foreign supplier conclude with him a foreign trade contract , to carry out the delivery of goods by various modes of transport , to make customs clearance of goods , issue permits for import or export cargo. Throughout the delivery , our clients quickly receive information , and if necessary - consultation .

Reliable partners
Finn East working with proven , reliable partners and suppliers services .

wide network of representatives and agents
Having more than 10 customs clearance points in 5 regions of Russia . This allows clients Finn East cut logistics costs and optimize delivery routes . Customs clearance is carried out at the customs posts , Moscow , St. Petersburg , Baltic , Smolensk, Bryansk , Pskov, Sebezh , Krasnodar and Vladivostok customs . And also at the Domodedovo airport .

Financial reliability and transparency
We flexible financial policy transparency and mutual .


Finn East has decades of experience in customs clearance of all product groups , including complex technological equipment and spare parts , furniture, furniture accessories , fabrics and accessories, automotive and agricultural tires , electrical , commercial equipment , shoes, clothes , etc.

Trust the professionals and save your time .


Using our logistics solutions and services, you become the owner of significant advantages, opportunities through our branch network and the implementation of international standards, which are aimed at optimizing thus simplifying trade between market participants.

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